Mission: To contribute towards a sustainable and just society free from extreme poverty in the world.

MMI supports and raises funds for projects that have a sustainable solution and goal, based on the level of need. The main objective of the organization is to contribute towards a sustainable society free from extreme poverty.

Our Bottom up approach is different.

We connect communities to own their story. We give communities the platform to voice their story. Giving them the opportunity to find solutions relevant to them.

How do we do it?

  • We establish a need in a community. Every need has a sustainable solution
  • We research and report on the need
  • Document the need through story telling and imagery
  • Engage Private and Public organizations, Non-profits, and Corporates to support community sustainable solutions
  • Directly support the beneficiaries through various programmes

We believe that sustainability can be achieved by balancing both economic and social progress.


We are currently working in the following sectors:

Education Water, sanitation and hygiene Gender equality and Livelihoods Environmental conservation Technology, Innovation and Research