Mission: To contribute towards a sustainable and just society free from extreme poverty in the world.

Our programs are diverse depending on the need of the communities. We support and fundraise for projects that have a sustainable goal based on the level of need. While we appreciate we cannot reach everyone and everywhere we will do our very best.Partnership from you can start by helping us reach more communities in Kenya that need sustainable solutions. As per our strategic plan we are presently focusing on clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Kenya.This is towards our contribution and founding belief in providing a dignified environment for communities and schools.


Our sustainable model is based on using clean water, sanitation and hygiene to achieve this.Through what we call the "CLEAN WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE RIPPLE EFFECT".What this means is that in an environment with clean water, sanitation and hygiene amenities we will achieve better health due to proper environmental care and sustainability, thus better education attendance and participation due to reduced sicknesses. This will have an impact on livelihoods and better gender equality opportunities for all.This sustainable solutions will have to be fueled by technological innovations.Hence have a society that has a perfect balance of both economic and social progress and finally end poverty.



MindMe International was founded on the hope and belief that we need to strive and contribute towards a better society by advocating for a just and sustainable world free from extreme poverty. We believe that we can achieve the global goals by balancing economic and social progress.

Founded by John Wambugu, an award winning Kenyan Filmmaker and Humanitarian photographer, John describes his turn around experience after continuously witnessing people who lack their right to basic needs. This was the picture that continued to face him every time he had to document human-interest stories across Africa.

On one occasion as his camera clicked away in a most adverse community, John went to a primary school with almost 1000 pupils. The school had no water to drink or clean and only two overflowing latrines for both boys and girls. John says, “I felt belabored in my heart that the children would strive to put on a brave and happy face in front of the camera even though their water and sanitation facilities were in bad shape and in most times were either on an empty stomach or would later trek for long distances in search of water for their families and themselves to clean and wash, I felt that I was taking away their very soul and dignity with my lens with just a happy pose. I had to do more, I had to reach out…I had to mind more about humanity …and so, MindMe was born“.

A great advocate of the United Nations Global goals, John is of the notion that sustainable development is not an event, or a one-person affair, but a journey that we must walk together.

“I believe that each of the 17 global goals to be achieved by the year 2030 has a multiplier effect that can lead us to that one goal of eradicating extreme poverty, for example clean water, sanitation and hygiene has a big ripple effect towards education, livelihoods, health, gender and even climate change at large”.

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